Next generation training software for heavy industries

We're empowering forward-looking mining and construction companies to build a safe and productive workplace. With its interactive learning experience GembaPro develops equipment operators of today into best-in-class professionals of tomorrow


Reduce equipment downtime

With one hour of downtime costing up to $750,000 dollars it's critical to keep equipment running. GembaPro helps reduce equipment downtime and prevent equipment abuse. This ultimately saves time and money for managers, while also increasing productivity and efficiency. With GembaPro, equipment operators can gain the skills and confidence they need to operate and maintain their equipment safely and effectively

Retain top talent better

Transform mandatory trainings with interactive lessons, keeps operators engaged and motivated to learn ultimately enhancing job satisfaction and building loyalty

Increase productivity and efficiency

Learn to use latest equipment technology and best practices to increase the output and reduce fuel consumption

Save time on compliance and paperwork

Keep all the training records in one place and reduce time spent on managing, storing and searching from hours to minutes

Ensure safety and compliance

Make sure that everyone is trained to operate safely with timely refreshers and recertification

Immersive learning experience

Seeing is understanding. By using interactive digital twins and visually rich learning content GembaPro helps operators obtain and retain the knowledge much better compared to static powerpoints, manuals and SOPs


Curated by experts

GembaPro creates its curriculum and training materials with OEM technical trainers and engineers to make best-in-class knowledge available to every operator


Learn by doing

The best way to obtain skills is to practice. GembaPro empowers operators to test their knowledge and practice their skills in a risk-free environment with interactive task simulations


24/7-accessible knowledge base

It's hard to stay on top of everything after a single training. GembaPro can be accessed on any device to give guidance on pre-start inspection, maintenance, diagnostics and operations. And with it's offline mode it's there even in the field


Identify coaching opportunities

Learning insights help keep track of the employees' progress and easily identify their skill gaps to plan targeted interventions and training sessions


Support blended learning

We help mentors and supervisors conduct guided field assessments with digital checklists and competency standards


Keep track of the training

Be on top of compliance with recertification management - certification view and timely reminders help assign refresher trainings on time. Avoid the hassle and save time on finding documents with single storage for training records and certificates


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Randy McMahon

General Manager

We're working with GembaPro to improve onboarding of our new operators and skilled employees competency verification. GembaPro has been doing great work helping us achieve achieve consistent and effective trainings and we look forward to working with them in the future

Dan Murphy

HR Manager

GembaPro helps us consolidate our trainings and deliver traditional theory interactively. With transparent skill assessments and analytics we can leverage data to create a training strategy and transition from adequate to highly skilled and productive operators, which is an exciting opportunity for us.

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